Sunday, 30 March 2014


So a few weeks ago I spent a very long weekend in Munich for Schmuck, which as some of you guys may know is a big old contemporary jewellery festival thing. Schmuck was amazing it seemed like every contemporary jeweller across the world made the, dare I say it, pilgrimage to Munich to see the incredible pieces exhibited. I will be doing a follow up post telling you exactly which pieces I fell for (as well as my continuing crush of Gallerie Platina), but for now I wanted to bring to you some of the new inspiration I found in the beauty of Munich itself.

Photos: Peace Buzzard

Thursday, 20 February 2014

‘Often Wounded, Sometimes destroyed’.

Photos: Peace Buzzard

I am fascinated in the transience of our surroundings. In objects that show a battered, forgotten life: proudly displaying their impermanence, but going unnoticed. Over time we repair ad mend. A fresh coat of paint, filling a cracked wall. Inevitably these fixes themselves deteriorate, but in this we gain something new, something different from the original. In this collection I focus on this balance of the resilient with fragility. How we protect the damaged or allow it to continue alone in its decline. As much as time deteriorates, there will always remain a sense of what was there before.